Bored of fitness fads, trends and silly gimmicks?

You are not alone.


I started Brackenstrong Health Coach because I’ve gotten over the bullshit trends that have muddied the waters of the fitness industry. For too long the industry has advocated ineffective workouts, unsustainable diets and silly supplements that do nothing, but run empty your pockets. I can appreciate why people don’t see progress and continue to feel like they’re spinning their wheels.

Train with me.


I employ a very methodical training system, where all workouts and nutrition plans that I prescribe are backed by science and are proven to get results.

I’m a true believer in educating you along the way, so that you can get prolonged sustainable results.

I take pride in knowing that you will be receiving a unique program tailored to you as I take a no-cookie-cutter approach.

Face to Face Coaching.


If you didn’t know, I absolutely love working with people. I also have a massive passion in helping people reach their goals of being fitter, stronger and healthier.

If you’d like to organise a face to face personal training session, please select one of the sessions below.