The best coach, mentor and the most genuinely passionate person in the industry. This guy not only knows his stuff, but he’s also able to connect on a level most coaches can’t. Seriously highly recommend!
— Liz

Have been working with Nick for quite some time now and still amazed at how much I have learnt from him, not just from a fitness perspective, but about health and simple lifestyle changes you can make to better yourself. He makes it simple, no gimmicks and isn’t trying to sell a product. He promotes health and fitness in a way that is fun, honest and real. Under guidance from Nick and following a personally tailored programme I have been able to push my body further than I thought I ever could. I have had previously back problems which we have worked through together, and amazingly I rarely have issues with my back since incorporating particular exercises which target and strengthen the muscles in my back. Couldn’t speak highly enough of him, great energy and makes training great fun!
— Ash

I have been working with Nick for awhile now, and I have had my fair share of trainers and Nick is by far top shelf in the training world. He has so much knowledge and is so personal when he designs my programs. He has helped me so much with mind, nutrition and fitness training. Can’t recommend this legend enough
— Callie

I started working with Nick about a year ago and highly recommend his services. Nicks knowledge of the fitness and nutrition industry is evident in his dedication to his work and clients. He goes above and beyond and is friendly, approachable and fun to work with to achieve the results desired.
— Neika

Nick is an amazing personal trainer who shows great enthusiasm and passion when helping his clients achieve their goals. Nick has been so supportive, encouraging and kind to me, helping me push past obstacles and accomplish what I’m trying to achieve. He has a wealth of knowledge and strives to educate his clients, addressing their individual needs. Each training session is made into a fun, positive experience, whist really pushing the boundaries, in a safe and supportive environment. Thank you so much, Nick, for being such an epic coach!!
— Kristin

I started working with Nick just over 18 months ago with the focus to improve overall muscle strength. Being a horse rider, I wanted to work on my fitness off of my horse so I was able to take that onto my horse. Nick has been super encouraging and supportive and has designed programs to keep me on track, that incorporates rider focused movements which are a lot of fun for me given my personal goals. In addition to building my confidence through pushing me outside my comfort zone and teaching me to confidently use the gym equipment, He has been an incredible mindset coach. This has helped me not only with my riding, but in life in general. Nick has an amazing capacity to switch on to where you are at on the day and push you accordingly. I have learn’t a lot about total life balance - nutrition, fitness and mindset and this has been a rewarding journey. Thank for your help Nick, you have been well worth the investment!
— Lauren

Fitness professional and educator of every aspect of training, along with complimenting knowledge and passion for people to gain a better quality of life.
After years of trainers that were not educated in working with people with injuries, I came across Nick who was able to pick my weaknesses and help me to train to regain my quality of life. In addition he began to assist in educating on nutrition to compliment training goals and get the best results.
Not one to shy away from pushing clients to reach their full potential whilst still providing safe training methods to ensure clients can go on to lift another day.
I cannot thank Nick enough for having empathy to understand whilst helping me strengthen to live a better life today.
He has been a great mentor for my own studies and I hope to work with him more in the future.
— Cat

I have recently started working with Nick, and honestly could not rate him high enough. He is not only friendly, motivating and passionate but he really knows his stuff! He has not only helped me with my training (great customised program and 1 on 1 P.T sessions) but he has gone above and beyond with educating me on what it is I’m actually trying to achieve, the best way to go about it and my diet... which is the hardest part!! He really focuses on technique/form and allowing you to reach your own goal, and doing it the right way!

11/10 absolute legend!!
— Inbal

I have been training with Nick for about a year now and he has helped me achieve some fantastic goals. more than that he has provided me with a greater understanding and appreciation for my body and what it is capable of. He continues to coach me to strengthen myself physically and mentally. Could not ask for more from a trainer!
— Mel