Nick is passionate about everything health and fitness, which is evident when it comes to the result he achieves with his clients. Since a young age he has competed in various competitive sports including AFL, Roller Hockey, Rugby Union, Athletics (100m), Football (soccer) & Bodybuilding.

My approach to coaching has been labelled by my clients as incredibly challenging, honest in feedback but immensely rewarding. Personally, I like to think we work hard, train hard and reap the rewards of such efforts.. but most of all I like to make sure all my clients enjoy their training. After all, the program you enjoy most is the one you will stick too and in turn get results from.

In a world where the simple is over complicated by social media, print and tv media as an evidence based coach I do my best make the complicated become the simplified.

I truly believe coaching should encompass everything, including internal health, mental health as well as physical fitness. To that end, he will undertake a comprehensive assessment with all clients. This is designed to maximise their results inside and outside of the gym.

Specialising in strength training, fat loss, body re-composition, gut health, mindset, hormone regulation, general fitness and nutrition coaching.

My knowledge comes from 13 years of experience in the industry. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been mentored and worked beside many leaders in the Nutrition and Strength & Conditioning world such as world renowned Dr. Joe Klemczewski, PhD.

I’ve been featured and written for the many of the leading health and fitness magazines in the world such as Oxygen Magazine, Flex Magazine, Ironman Bodybuilding, Muscle & Fitness & Bodybuilding.com. I have also spent over 7 years in the competitive bodybuilding world as high level fitness model.

For Face to Face training you can work with Nick at Fitness Factory Health Clubs, Mt Barker, South Australia.